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Institutions of political parties in Indonesia is a manifestation of the most successful ideology of nationalism. The ideology of nationalism that was delivered by the Parties in Indonesia is quite successful, political party whose ideology of nationalism can bridge ethnic differences are sharp, this can be proved by history that a political party that based on ethnic arguably less successful even total failure. for example in the 1999 elections Indonesian Chinese Party fail than the party of national unity which are both oriented ethnic Chinese, where the party of national unity pluralistic managed to gain a seat in the House. While in the 1955 election were somewhat successful only Dayak Unity Party in West Kalimantan, while other ethnic party in West Java, failed to gain seats in Parliament and the Parliament.
Historically Parties are tools vertical mobilization faster than the national bureaucracy both civilian and military bureaucracy. With the election system in Indonesia now is a combination of a district system and proportional system, so that the representatives of regional and ethnic representation. Then the political party capable of being a tool of national integration to suppress the resistance of ethnic minorities. We also have something to learn and experience success story PAP in Singapore showed the success of the recruitment policy of the Lee Kuan Yew in the third accommodate ethnic lies beyond the ethnic Chinese majority ethnic Malays, Indians and Eurasians (Eurasian). What about the 2009 elections later?