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National education itt tech student portal system into a tool of national integration primarily because it is creating a cohesive national elite. National education from elementary to university, become an integral tool through nasiional curriculum, language of instruction and student recruitment system, students and faculty that are national. itt tech student portal In an atmosphere of regional autonomy sought for local exams but the national standard, so even if there is an idea to add the curriculum of local / regional, but still the core curriculum teaches social sciences and humanities that are integrative and national.
Other powermizzou  integrative nature is the use of the language of instruction namely sebaga Indonesian national language in addition to the use of local languages ​​/ regions that apply to education elementary / junior. This will facilitate integration into the national system and socialization are the same for all citizens.
While the other integration tools is the recruitment of students, the students and faculty that are national and multi-ethnic, so that a process of communication, socialization, assimilation and culturation of various ethnic groups among students, university students and faculty. The existence of the college in 1920 in Jakarta and in various cities and in every provincial capital and is regarded as the embryo formation of a national community that is multi-ethnic, spoke with Indonesian as a language of instruction and desirous formation of the Indonesian state.